Is there any danger in taking AQUAGEN®?

AQUAGEN® has become recognized as the premiere and safest of all liquid stabilized oxygen supplements. All the current research indicates that AQUAGEN┬« is harmless, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic when taken orally as recommended. The solution is also pH neutral. If you have concerns about interactions, we always encourage people to consult with their health practitioner before taking any new supplement.

Is AQUAGEN® approved by the F.D.A?

The Food and Drug Administration does not specifically approve dietary supplements.

How much oxygen is in AQUAGEN®?

The average oxygen content in normal tap water is 6 to 7 ppm (parts per million). Standard testing procedures measure up to 19.99 ppm. There is no universally accepted or standardized testing equipment or methodology to measure the oxygen content in water beyond 19.99 ppm.

In an effort to measure higher oxygen levels, there has been the use of variations to acceptable tests for hydrogen peroxide, color comparisons or colorimeters, titration, chromatographs, etc. Each type of test gives results consistent with itself, but the different test methods give different results which have ranged from 300 ppms to 50,000 ppms. It is still undetermined which of the test variations is the most accurate.

When should AQUAGEN® be taken and how much?

It is recommended that 15 to 20 drops of AQUAGEN® in a glass of water be taken 3 times daily. It is most effective if taken about 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating. Since the oxygen in AQUAGEN® may react with organic material, avoiding the recent consumption of food when taking AQUAGEN® will allow for better absorption into the blood stream. Aquagen® can be taken effectively under the tongue at any time.

How is AQUAGEN® made?

The key feature is our unique formulation which uses no harsh chemicals or substances to create stabilized oxygen in its most soluble form. While some companies might use chemical chlorates, oxychlorine compounds, or hypochlorite compounds (bleach), Aquagen International uses only sodium chloride (table salt) to bind extra oxygen molecules in a solution with highly purified distilled water and trace minerals. The actual manufacturing process is proprietary and confidential.

If AQUAGEN® contains some sodium, can it adversely affect someone on a low sodium diet?

We always encourage people to consult with their health practitioner before taking any new supplement. Although AQUAGEN® contains a small amount of sodium, the total daily consumption registers 0% on the Supplement Facts chart. As a comparison, a small carton of low fat yogurt has significantly more sodium than the daily use of AQUAGEN®!

Does AQUAGEN® contain any calories?

If you are in a calorie restricted diet, you will be happy to know that there are No calories in Aquagen®. A good resource on calorie in foods is: How many calories should I eat

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